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The Developer

We develop, design, sell, manage.

A complete revolutionary approach.

Estateducation’s lifecycle investment model of developing, selling and managing property is revolutionising the way people invest. We’re unlike any other property company being that we’re investors and landlords ourselves, so we understand what the property market wants. We’re the creator, developer, retailer and operator of unique market-leading property brands.

We put the end-user at the heart of every decision we make, creating lifestyles and homes that give us a competitive edge. Nobody else can provide such a revolutionary way to invest in property like us. We Develop, We Sell, We Manage. We’re committed to you and your investment. There are no other agents, no other developers and no other managers. None of the end user focus is ever lost making the advantages all yours.

We understand the need to create lifestyles and focus on people, rather than the numbers. We place emphasis on what we need to deliver to get the end user to value the accommodation as much as we do, thus resulting in them looking after the property and willing to pay the rent it deserves.

Total control

Others simply source projects to sell. We create products. And then manage them. Giving us total control over the entire lifecycle performance. Typically, agents, developers and lettings companies are all part of the cycle. With so many people involved, it takes away the focus front the end-user. Who has responsibility if something were to go wrong? We swap confusion for revolution by changing the way people view property investment. We took a new perspective, cut the middleman and made the end-user our primary focus.

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